GLMM 2016 – Class Schedule Released AND Registration Opening Announced!

GLMM 2016 – Class Schedule Released AND Registration Opening Announced!

You’ve been patient (mostly!) and it’s now time to reveal the complete class schedule for the GLMM 2016!
We are excited about all these amazing classes we are able to offer this year in partnership with our exhibitors!

The class schedule can be viewed two ways:

It has come to our attention that iOS systems are sometimes displaying the wrong images with the class information. All images are loaded into our system correctly, and display correctly on a laptop or desktop computer.  This is not an issue we are able to resolve – so please double check your classes on a computer to be sure you are selecting the classes you intend!

2016 Class Schedule Grid
[su_button url=””]Click here to view the 2016 Class Grid [/su_button]

Click the above link to see a grid layout that shows all the classes and which classroom and what time they are being offered.  Each class title is a clickable link which will open a pop-up window showing the details for that class. (Be sure to have pop-ups enabled for our site on your browser for this to work!)

2016 Class Schedule Descriptions
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Click the above link to see a complete alphabetical (by short title) listing of the classes complete with all details and images, including which days and times each class is being offered.  This page may take a minute or so to load – as it includes every class, plus the image on the schedule.  Some of you ask about printing this out…. you can do that – but it will take a LOT of ink – and a LOT of paper!!!

We hope you are as excited about this year’s class line-up as we are!  

When can you register?
2016-March-500-pxlRegistration will go live on Tuesday, March 8th at 8pm!  You can create your account, or update your account at anytime – and at 8pm when you log in – you’ll be able to purchase tickets!

How does Registration work?  The registration system will walk you through EVERYTHING we have to offer – once you click “Purchase Tickets” – it will take you screen by screen through your admission options, crops, the Round Robin, classes, merchandise – and finally CHECK OUT!  If you don’t wish to purchase anything on a particular page – just click “Proceed to…” to move to the next page to make more selections!  ALWAYS be sure to click “Proceed to…” to move from page to page, to be certain not to lose any of your selections!

Can I register a friend? YES -even more than one!  You can “Register a New User” using the button on the purple bar on your account screen!  You can set these people up right now!  When registration opens, you can login and click your own “Purchase Tickets” button and “Proceed” all the way to the check out screen.  Underneath your total in the box – you can select “Purchase for another person” and it will take you back to the screen with the purple bar – and you can click “Purchase tickets for….” next to your friends name under the purple bar.  When you have everyone in your group on the summary page with a total – you can click “Proceed to Credit Card Info” and pay for it all on one credit card.  Alternately – you can proceed to the credit card info after each person and pay on a different card each time!

Do I have to register all at once?  No – you can come back at any time before registration closes and add to your registration!

If you have questions, or run into trouble while registering – the best way to reach us is via email that night! – and we’ll respond in the order that requests come in!!