GLMM 2018 – Class Sneak Peek – Maya Road

GLMM 2018 – Class Sneak Peek – Maya Road

Maya Road brings us a couple of amazing home decor project classes, and a watercolor technique class that makes 6 adorable cards!

Let It Snow-Home Pallet Art
(Let It Snow)
Instructor: Caroline Lau; Sponsored by: Maya Road
It might be May, but learn to make a creative piece of pallet art with Maya Road. You will receive supplies to make a beautiful 18″ snowflake that you can hang or display in your home. These are made from 6 of our Maya road pallets. The kit for this class is worth $35.
Leave class with: 18″ snowflake pallet piece that can be used as home decor
Skill level: Intermediate
Supplies: foam brush or wide brush (at least 1.5″ wide), baby wipes, craft mat, scissors, brown distress ink, and applicator

T0130G-$22.00 Thursday 5/10/2018 1:30PM (1 Hour)
F0130G-$22.00 Friday 5/11/2018 1:30PM (1 Hour)
S0130G-$22.00 Saturday 5/12/2018 1:30PM (1 Hour)

Photo Transfer Pallet art
(Photo Transfer)
Instructor: Caroline Lau; Sponsored by: Maya Road
Have you always wanted to learn to transfer photos onto wood? Now is your chance to get it done! Come and join us for this fun technique class where we will break down the steps for transferring images onto wood. Bring your own 6 x 8″ toner photo to transfer onto a 6 x 8″ scroll pallet. We will provide a pre-prepped pallet so you can see how this technique works. This is one technique class you do not want to miss out on! Be sure to note that your print has to be a toner base print and if there are words or lettering in your photo you need to reverse it – TONER BASED NOT INKJET. This class is filled with $30 worth of products.
Leave class with: 3 Pallets- 1 we work on in class with transfer technique, 1 we prep in class and 1 to take home
Skill level: Intermediate
Supplies: A 6 x 8″ or larger toner-based photo (copier or laser printer) is required for transfer – NOT INKJET. Other supplies needed: Ruler, pencil, scissors, sponge, sand paper, burnisher (such as a paint brush handle or an old gift card), paint brush, craft mat, and baby wipes.
Special supplies are needed to finish this project at home: Soft gel medium and a matte acrylic sealer

T0300G-$22.00 Thursday 5/10/2018 3:00PM (1 Hour)
F0300G-$22.00 Friday 5/11/2018 3:00PM (1 Hour)
S0300G-$22.00 Saturday 5/12/2018 3:00PM (1 Hour)

Watercolor Technique Card Class 
(Watercolor Technique)
Instructor: Caroline Lau; Sponsored by: Maya Road
Learn to create beautiful watercolor-inspired cards with Caroline Lau, owner of Maya Road. You will create six cards (full-color instructions are included), and all you need to bring are basic supplies. Your kit will include the Maya Road Mason Jar Stamp Set and all the embellishments you need to complete six cards – a $40 value!
Leave class with: a set of 6 cards, full color instructions and a kit valued at $40
Skill level: Intermediate
Supplies: craft mat, baby wipes, scissors, 12 inch paper trimmer, ruler, pencil, brown distress ink, applicator and foam dots