VOLUME February 2024 – Celebrations –Information Hub

VOLUME February 2024 – Celebrations –Information Hub


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IMPORTANT – FEBRUARY 2024 INFO! If this is your first time here – read this post first! This post contains all the links and information for our FEBRUARY 2024 VOLUME event! We’ve moved this list of links here to a Blog Post as Facebook is no longer making the links we paste into the featured post live as we add them. For a helpful video we created to walk you through many of the tips click play!

If you are looking links to info from past events – Go to Featured and scroll down to see past event Featured Posts.

We’ve compiled all the important information about VOLUME – Celebrations – FEBRUARY 2024 right here in this post that will live at the top of the page throughout the event! VOLUME – Celebrations – FEBRUARY 2024 will take place FEBRUARY 16 & 17, 2024 beginning at 6pm EDT Friday and 9am EDT Saturday!

TIPS: For information about how to get the most out of our VOLUME events, click to read this blog post: https://greatlakesscrapbookevents.com/volume-tips-tricks/ For a helpful video we created to walk you through many of the tips click play!

VENDORS: For a complete list of participating VOLUME – Celebrations – FEBRUARY 2024, including contact information, click this link: https://greatlakesscrapbookevents.com/volume-february-2024-celebrations-participating-vendors/

SHOPPING: The link to order VOLUME – Celebrations – FEBRUARY 2024 Craft-Along kits: https://greatlakesscrapbookevents.com/volume-february-2024-celebrations-craft-alongs/
Here is a link to a video preview of many of the kits: https://www.facebook.com/kategrizz/videos/1329944021055254?idorvanity=823714444795644

SCHEDULE: VOLUME – Celebrations – FEBRUARY 2024 Schedule: https://greatlakesscrapbookevents.com/volume-february-2024-celebrations-event-schedule/. All times are Eastern Daylight Time – and we’ll be updating the schedule throughout the event with links to past videos!

SPONSORS/PRIZES: The VOLUME – Celebrations – FEBRUARY 2024 Sponsors: https://greatlakesscrapbookevents.com/7083-2/

Show Specials for VOLUME – Celebrations – FEBRUARY 2024: https://greatlakesscrapbookevents.com/volume-february-2024-celebrations-show-specials/

Links to the Prize album will be posted on FEBRUARY 16, 2024 shortly after the LIVE reveal at 8:30pm Eastern Time FRIDAY. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.364879139679288&type=3

Link to PRIZE DRAWING VIDEO: Will be LIVE at 8pm on 2/18/2024. Winners will be tagged in a post and a link to the video will be placed here following the drawing.

SOUVENIR TEES: https://cascade-creations.square.site/shop/glse-volume/2