2013 Page Contest WINNERS!

2013 Page Contest WINNERS!

I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support and sympathy for the loss of Tom “Poppo” Griswold – my Father-In-Law – and the “Voice of the Mega Meet”.  I truly missed not spending more of the weekend with you – but my amazing staff kept everything humming along smoothly – and by all reports – everyone had a fabulous time!  For that, and for you, I am very grateful.  Hug your loved ones – you never know how long you’ll have them.

We had many tremendous entries for the Page Contest again this year!  It is never an easy task for our judges to pick the winners!  Prizes this year were provided by SEI, The Mega Meet, and Xyron!  Two of our winners were present to claim their prizes – and we will ship the prizes to the other two winners!

Our Honorable Mention:

“Summer 2011”
Cynthia Wondrasek of Park Forest, IL

Third Place:

“We Love You…”

Terri Szymanski of Wixom, MI


Second Place:

“A Boy’s Best Friend”

Linda Brott of Sparta, MI
First Place

“White Caps”

Melissa Thiede of Grand Rapids, MI
Please join me in extending congratulations to all our winners – and to all our participants in the 2013 GLMM Page Contest!
*Just a reminder that comments that are non-congratulatory in nature will be removed. Remember what mama taught you – if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all…. just because it’s the internet doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still use our manners!