Back in the USA!

Back in the USA!

Emily and I have returned from our adventure to Spain to compete at the III Nation’s Cup – the World Championships of Theatre on Ice (or Ballet on Ice as it is called in Europe).

To say that the trip was a success would be an understatement! Our teams are all part of Harmony Theatre Company – and a record setting THREE of our teams were selected to represent the USA at this competition.  There were 12 teams total from the US – representing Hartland, MI, Boston, MA,  Houston, TX, Rockledge, FL, West Acton, MA, Los Angeles, CA  and West Orange, NJ.  There were also teams from France, Spain, Russia, Australia and Khazikstan  – a total of 41 teams from all over the world.  Here is a fun article that names all the teams!

We left feeling honored to have been selected for this opportunity…. of course we were hoping for medals… but we weren’t expecting them – all the teams had worked hard all season – and had pushed and pushed – but we just couldn’t be sure how we would fare in the international field.  Figure Skating is, by nature, a subjective sport.  My team – the adult team – were the true underdogs – we hadn’t been initially selected to attend the Nation’s Cup – we were the alternate team that was selected when another team declined their spot.  The photo at left is when Emily’s team heard their scores for their CE (Short Program).

And, so – the results:

Adults = 3rd place after the CE, out of 6 teams going into the freestyle long program and gained on their position to bring home a 2nd place World Trophy!

Juniors = 5th place after the CE, out of 13 teams going into the freestyle long program and raised their position to take home a 4th place World Trophy!

Seniors = 2nd place after the CE, out of 10 teams going into the freestyle long program and held their position to take home a 2nd place World Trophy!  The Photo above is Emily’s team kissing the ice after winning their Trophy!

Leaving last week, I never would have imagined that this “Accidental International Figure Skater” would come home a World Silver Medalist…. and that so would my daughter – the not so accidental international figure skater!  Here I am at the Medals Ceremony – just before they played the US National Anthem!  (Did I mention that the 3 US Adult teams swept Gold, Silver and Bronze?)

Thanks for all your supportive comments… and your patience this past week.  My GLMM  team did an EXCELLENT job holding down the fort in my absence – and I can’t wait to see you all a week from today!